This is a comprehensive list of known vehicles in SimCity. It is an incomplete, and sometimes incorrect, listing so not all information is accurate.

Vehicles ListEdit

Scooter 0x0f9620c1 0x5755caf3 0xc0a505b0 0xc0a505b3 0xc0a505b2
Compact Car 01 0x76d038f4 0x35bf6ac5 0x655e5afe 0x655e5afd 0x655e5afc
Compact Car 02 0x7ed09514 0x619a5c7b 0xa522fc38 0xa522fc3b 0xa522fc3a
Compact Car 03 (PROP) 0x70a77655 0xe1b4f868 0xbb2760c9 0xbb2760ca 0xbb2760cb
Nissan Leaf (DLC) 0x7d820f98 0x24e5aca3 0x429ce140 0x429ce143 0x429ce142
Station Wagon (Driveway $) 0xdc01b946 0x315f77e8 0xdfe2ff49 0xdfe2ff4a 0xdfe2ff4b
Station Wagon (Unknown) ??? 0xd092d8bd 0x3126e9d6 0x3126e9d5 0x3126e9d4
Pickup Truck 0x311d7112 0x741b2872 0x1f39f75f 0x1f39f75c 0x1f39f75d
Volkswagen Van 0x99b5b0e5 0xbbdf06a8 0x56a8cb89 0x56a8cb8a 0x56a8cb8b
MicroCar 0xfcd1ecaa 0xb37966fb 0xb7717bb8 0xb7717bbb 0xb7717bba
Midsize Car 0xc07beb6c 0xc5080c3c 0xefc7fb05 0xefc7fb06 0xefc7fb07
Midsize Sedan (Unknown) ??? 0xca265d88 0x7ca1dfa9 0x7ca1dfaa 0x7ca1dfab
Midsize Sedan (Driveway $$) (PROP) 0x70a77656 0xca265d8b 0x0534aca8 0x0534acab 0x0534acaa
Midsize Sedan (Unknown) ??? 0x61925690 0x58582c91 0x58582c92 0x58582c93
Mini Van 0xd9344231 0x1a16925c 0x88199ce5 0x88199ce6 0x88199ce7
SUV 0xaeca0315 0x62f402d8 0x2bee3b19 0x2bee3b1a 0x2bee3b1b
Hummer (Unknown) 0x43f692fa 0x7be49123 0x47a46ec0 0x47a46ec3 0x47a46ec2
Town Car 0xaccad309 0x0d20c5fa 0x9811e3c7 0x9811e3c4 0x9811e3c5
Rolls Royce (Driveway $$$) (PROP) 0x70a77657 0x821ada65 0xebee675e 0xebee675d 0xebee675c
Rolls Royce (Unknown) ??? 0x11a4ddc2 ??? ??? ???
Gangster Car 0xf00c6425 0xa26c2691 0xd61b3402 0xd61b3401 0xd61b3400
Criminal Car (Skull) 0x9d5bdad1 0x5d17a619 0xeeeb09ca 0xeeeb09c9 0xeeeb09c8
Arsonist Van (Flames) 0x1e43867c 0x34bc87c7 0x47a88dac 0x47a88daf 0x47a88dae
Mayor's Packard Roadster 0xc8e8247e 0xe6646223 0x30f7a1c0 0x30f7a1c3 0x30f7a1c2
Mayor's Lamborghini 0x20f8f35d 0xd8250f86 0x43fd4e9b 0x43fd4e98 0x43fd4e99
Mayor's Limousine 0xfeb553a2 0x50587475 0x505a384e 0x505a384d 0x505a384c
Taxi (Car) 0xb915906a 0x58505227 0x1d48264c 0x1d48264f 0x1d48264e
Taxi (Van) 0xc6f256ec 0x58505224 0x798d9f0d 0x798d9f0e 0x798d9f0f
Limousine (Black) (Unknown) 0xacd05703 0x6ca06b9b 0xdc868f98 0xdc868f9b 0xdc868f9a
Hippie Van (Unknown) 0xa7b8da43 0x247009fe 0x102064b3 0x102064b0 0x102064b1
Armored Truck (Money) 0x74cd48c8 0x35718028 0xd36dd809 0xd36dd80a 0xd36dd80b
Military Hummer (Unknown) ??? 0x0be574c8 0x17610769 0x1761076a 0x1761076b
Military Jet (Red F16) 0xff1e132d 0x44d77a81 0x8b3d21d2 0x8b3d21d1 0x8b3d21d0
Wellness Van 0x52df5218 0x7b642be3 0xb4c5cc00 0xb4c5cc03 0xb4c5cc02
Medical SUV (Unknown) ??? 0x62f402db ??? ??? ???
Ambulance Van 0xe3101f25 0x3c713231 0x81da8ee2 0x81da8ee1 0x81da8ee0
Ambulance Truck (Unknown) ??? 0xdf2a6b5a 0xf77f6fe7 0xf77f6fe4 0xf77f6fe5
Police Outreach Van 0x80e8c885 0xdfe47673 0x37622830 0x37622833 0x37622832
Police Detective Van 0x78451c57 0xf180040b 0x792c0028 0x792c002b 0x792c002a
Police Precinct Car 0x6b54b18d 0x392a415d 0x4cef0ab6 0x4cef0ab5 0x4cef0ab4
Police Station Car 0x5788808b 0x61735714 0xa3be571d 0xa3be571e 0xa3be571f
Fire Outreach Van (Unknown) ??? 0x6393f8c5 0xe3a884fe 0xe3a884fd 0xe3a884fc
Fire Marshall Truck 0x66c9ae2b 0x3c8e92ef 0x8b39d5b4 0x8b39d5b7 0x8b39d5b6
Fire Engine 0x94beeca5 0x6147d34c 0xfce6abb5 0xfce6abb6 0xfce6abb7
Fire Ladder Truck 0x94beeca6 0xd236b7ed 0x63ece966 0x63ece965 0x63ece964
Hazmat Truck 0x63304b91 0x95bf557f 0xb5baf024 0xb5baf027 0xb5baf026
Blue Fire Truck (Unknown) ??? 0xcf9a1d6b 0x42d511c8 0x42d511cb 0x42d511ca
Cement Mixer 0x0c5eabc9 0x3184045e 0x9fb48d53 0x9fb48d50 0x9fb48d51
Road Truck (Unknown) ??? 0xd80bf26f 0x0db61434 0x0db61437 0x0db61436
Boom Truck (Unknown) ??? 0x06433473 0xaa3ee230 0xaa3ee233 0xaa3ee232
Utility Truck (Full) 0x63d60a1c 0xe27e9c66 0xb2cf84bb 0xb2cf84b8 0xb2cf84b9
Utility Truck (Empty) 0x0c5eabcb 0xee9f20ac 0xfaa6f1d5 0xfaa6f1d6 0xfaa6f1d7
Moving Truck (Full) 0x31ed442d 0x37e51beb 0x860a6d48 0x860a6d4b 0x860a6d4a
Moving Truck (Empty) 0x3271b8ca 0xee59ec3f 0x0c147c64 0x0c147c67 0x0c147c66
Flatbed Truck (Full) ??? 0x8a0d18f7 0x610bd2fc 0x610bd2ff 0x610bd2fe
Flatbed Truck (Empty) 0x7b8127e9 0x3936c47b 0x1a1e3438 0x1a1e343b 0x1a1e343a
Recycling Truck 0x06d3a261 0x6a3497cf 0x2bdb8c54 0x2bdb8c57 0x2bdb8c56
Garbage Truck 0x615b06d6 0x5c85a968 0xa03533c9 0xa03533ca 0xa03533cb
Delivery – Recycling ??? 0x8975db5f 0x1e6f63c4 0x1e6f63c7 0x1e6f63c6
Jumbo Jet (Global) 01 ??? 0x06bd3b12 0x771fd7be 0x2fee48bf 0x911189f3
Jumbo Jet (Global) 02 ??? 0x2fee48bd 0x2fee48bc 0x911189f0 0x911189f1
Jumbo Jet (Passenger) 0x5081df20 0x0e49e68a 0xc1c6bdb7 0xc1c6bdb4 0xc1c6bdb5
Jumbo Jet (Passenger) ??? 0x80e680f6 0xd6ec812b 0xd6ec8128 0xd6ec8129
Airplane (Twin Prop) 0x2ee1b918 0xf36a7b88 0x61d6b9a9 0x61d6b9aa 0x61d6b9ab
Airplane (Twin Prop) ??? 0x8f5f00fc 0x7b27f745 0x7b27f746 0x7b27f747
Cargo Plane 0x2d34463f 0x8c8eef84 0x09fe1dad 0x09fe1dae 0x09fe1daf
Cargo Plane (Unknown) ??? 0x9bf4de20 0x22185601 0x22185602 0x22185603
Private Jet (Orange) 0x2ee1b919 0x8cafde70 0xa55619b1 0xa55619b2 0xa55619b3
Private Jet (Orange) ??? 0x5b778934 0x376b93fd 0x376b93fe 0x376b93ff
Helicopter (Blades) ??? 0x551dbd61 0xc7b87172 0xc7b87171 0xc7b87170
Helicopter (No Blades) ??? 0x858529d8 0x334ff01a 0x334ff01b 0x334ff019
Fire Helicopter 0x0e25c7d6 0x203e50a7 0x6ea681cc 0x6ea681cf 0x6ea681ce
Police Helicopter 0x6ad7a540 0xc4826477 0xb0d4d57e 0xb0d4d57f 0xb0d4d57c
Medical Helicopter ??? 0x6a9ccce9 0xa7e38e79 0xa7e38e7a 0xa7e38e78
Helicopter (Black) 0xdf60f1c7 0x9a6294cf 0xab0e4354 0xab0e4357 0xab0e4356
News Helicopter (Orange) 0xf2e28a52 0x6fd4a76c 0xc7954e15 0xc7954e17 0xc7954e16
Cargo Ship 01 ??? 0x2d3c9211 0x812d9682 0x812d9681 0x812d9680
Cargo Ship 02 ??? 0xdfd0ad95 0x7cd4332d 0x7cd4332e 0x7cd4332c
CRUISE 0xde8093c9
Cruise Ship Top ??? 0x2683268d 0x26c832c6 0x26c832c5 0x26c832c4
Cruise Ship Trim ??? 0x26832688
Cruise Ship Cabins ??? 0x2683268e 0x89e2699d
Cruise Ship Hull ??? 0x2683268f 0x288d6994 0x288d6997 0x288d6996
Ferry ??? 0x45d1d3d0 0x932fef6a 0xfa7a2851 0x35478057
Ferry ??? 0x35478054 0xfa7a2852 0x35478055 0xfa7a2853
Delivery Global – Multiple Types** 0x755d2e39 0x47a24e35 0x93b5dd8e 0x93b5dd8d 0x93b5dd8c
Delivery Global – Oil Fuel Chemicals 0x53abd039 0x079a2b73 0xeefe0730 0xeefe0733 0xeefe0732
Delivery Global – Coal (Full) 0x6dae77f5 0xe4e090ad 0x7a225ea6 0x7a225ea5 0x7a225ea4
Delivery Global – Coal (Empty) 0x6a05f1e9 0x1533490b 0x65dc8f28 0x65dc8f2b 0x65dc8f2a
Delivery Global – Raw Ore 0xa2e3c732 0xb0859d82 0xd6da4e4f 0xd6da4e4c 0xd6da4e4d
Delivery Local – Multiple Types** 0x37778520 0xde35d545 0x089afa7e 0x089afa7d 0x089afa7c
Delivery Local – Oil Fuel Chemicals 0xaadbd54d 0x73c2da29 0x5a87963a 0x5a879639 0x5a879638
Delivery Local – Oil (Unknown) ??? 0x22c2a323 0xb7ca24c0 0xb7ca24c3 0xb7ca24c2
Delivery Local – Coal or Dirt 0xdb8ba245 0xef12da17 0x44b317dc 0x44b317df 0x44b317de
Delivery Local – Coal or Dirt (Empty) 0x1de99c9e 0xe42af849 0xb320771a 0xb3207719 0xb3207718
Delivery Local – Coal 0xec016470 0x716ba1f3 0xeee8cab0 0xeee8cab3 0xeee8cab2
Delivery Local – Raw Ore (Full) 0x7d9cbd93 0xb81b40ca 0x8150a377 0x8150a374 0x8150a375
Delivery Local – Raw Ore (Empty) 0x0501ecc7 0x79a56b0d 0xaa61e046 0xaa61e045 0xaa61e044
Delivery Local – Green Material? 0xdf1d9b83 0x06add84a 0xd77e89f7 0xd77e89f4 0xd77e89f5
Delivery Local – Raw Ore ??? 0xc3a364ab 0xbe1eb088 0xbe1eb08b 0xbe1eb08a
Delivery Local – Freight (Empty) 0x60958a46 0x4a851824 0xc4aa710d 0xc4aa710e 0xc4aa710f
Delivery Local – Freight (Boxes) 01 0xa82e10e0 0xd4e36f46 0x968416db 0x968416d8 0x968416d9
Delivery Local – Freight (Boxes) 02 0x12563757 0x698e8bcb 0x23ad1f68 0x23ad1f6b 0x23ad1f6a
Delivery – Flatbed (Full) 01 ??? 0x0bd1ea22 0xb40085af 0xb40085ac 0xb40085ad
Delivery – Flatbed (Full) 02 ??? 0xd6a4387a 0x3d739b47 0x3d739b44 0x3d739b45
Delivery – Flatbed (Empty) ??? 0x25634650 0x4e85dfd1 0x4e85dfd2 0x4e85dfd3
Delivery Local – Oil (Full) ??? 0x12082a1c 0xecb1a425 0xecb1a426 0xecb1a427
Delivery Local – Fire (Full) ??? 0x8adf7e42 0x0fe1df8f 0x0fe1df8c 0x0fe1df8d
Delivery Local – Fire (Empty) ??? 0x7db34608 0x00f27929 0x00f2792a 0x00f2792b
Delivery – Flatbed Cab (Empty) 0x3d9e4a5b 0xdc6b051f 0xff4b4504 0xff4b4507 0xff4b4506
Delivery – Flatbed Truck (Empty) 0x07ed79fc 0x8b44b5f2 0x989f3fdf 0x989f3fdc 0x989f3fdd
Delivery – Flatbed Truck (Full) 0x28a75ff6 0xedec3ef4 0x58fe263d 0x58fe263e 0x58fe263f
Regional Bus 0xdf88e6c3 0x515dbb46 0xe6bffadb 0xe6bffad8 0xe6bffad9
Shuttle Bus 0xdf88e6c0 0x20252f30 0xd25bbcf1 0xd25bbcf2 0xd25bbcf3
Coach Bus 0x899a6d67 0x31603aac 0x57f3bfd5 0x57f3bfd6 0x57f3bfd7
School Bus (Large) 0x519d983f 0x70e856f7 0x7a3e0cfc 0x7a3e0cff 0x7a3e0cfe
School Bus (Small) 0x519d983c 0x1ebe98d9 0xa45ecb0a 0xa45ecb09 0xa45ecb08
STUB Vehicle (Unknown) ??? 0x0f1ef9e7 0xa3b4f08c 0xa3b4f08f 0xa3b4f08e
Cargo Train ??? 0x8fb0e3dc 0x13c03165 0x13c03166 0x13c03167
Passenger Train ??? 0x2297c134 0x2297c137 0x2297c136