SimCityPak is a work-in-progress tool that aims to be the iLive Reader equivalent for SimCity 2013. It allows you to view and edit the game assets contained in .package files.

SimCityPak on CodePlex


The SimCityPak tool allows you to modify .package files associated with SimCity 2013.

Notable VersionsEdit

Version - Released on June 9, 2013

  • Import BMP color palettes for vehicles
  • Import R RASTER file (uncompressed DDS files)
  • View different channels of RASTER files or preview of all layers combined
  • Find text in javascripts
  • TGA viewer
  • Ground textures added to lot editor
  • Many additional identified instances and properties

Version - Released on Jan 19, 2014

  • Registry information stored in a database to increase performance
  • Improved Lot Editor
  • Importing of 3d models will now be done using the Collada Format using the OpenCollada exporter.

Version - Released on March 19, 2014

  • Tool for 'flattening' scripts files for use with offline mode
  • Ability to export textures from RW4 materials tab
  • Adds ability to generate a random Instance ID


  • Versions and are somewhat unstable when browsing package files and changing values in property files. The rate at which they crash and produce error messages is significantly greater than the previous, more stable version.
  • Version is currently the only version of SimCityPak that will successfully import a 3D model for use in-game. The OpenCollada Importer/Exporter in and will not accept Open Collada (DAE) files correctly, resulting in a crash at each attempt. Version uses Wavefront OBJ format and is very stable.