DDS (DirectDraw Surface) is the file format used for importing textures to SimCityPak.

DDS PluginsEdit

Download: Texture Tools for Photoshop
Download: DDS Plugin on

See also: DDS Plugins

Exporting for DDS File Format (Photoshop)Edit

Exporting a file to DDS format is the same process as exporting to another file format, with a few extra options. Before you can export from Photoshop to DDS, you must install the NVIDIA Texture Tools plugin (linked above).


  1. Prepare your file for export
    1. this includes saving backups, final preparations, etc
  2. Navigate to File > Save As... (or Ctrl/Cmd + Shift + S)
  3. Name your file, select your destination, select DDS from the file types dropdown menu
  4. Required Settings (for SimCityPak)[1]:
    1. DTX5 ARGB - 8bpp | interpolated alpha
    2. 2D Texture
    3. Check Generate Mipmaps
    4. Image Options > Compression Quality > Highest
  5. Click "Save" to save your file


This will leave you with a DDS texture file, including alpha channel and mipmaps. Now your image is ready for importing into SimCityPak.