A color palette is a very small bitmap with one single row of pixels that contains one pixel of each color that can be randomly chosen for a vehicle's base color. These colors are visible when the color map has transparency.


Example Color Palettes

Components of a Color PaletteEdit

A vehicle's color palette has two components:

  • Colored Pixels (RGB)
  • Palette Dimensions

These colored pixels make up the base texture of a color palette and provide a 3D vehicle model with colors to randomly chose from.

Colored Pixels (RGB)Edit

Each pixel in a color palette can be randomly selected for use as a vehicle's base color.

Palette DimensionsEdit

A vehicle color palette must only be 1 pixel in height, but can be any number of pixels wide. For example, a color palette 1px high and 10px wide will produce colors with a 10% chance of being generated. A color palette with 1px in height and 100px in width will produce colors with a 1% chance of being generated.

SimCity's default vehicle color palettes are usually found in increments of 2, 4, and 8 pixels wide.